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The president is discussing the directive with the timber industry

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Recently, representatives from the timber industry met with President Chan Santokhi to discuss a variety of topics, including the general pardon, fines, and removing individuals from the industry’s unlawful activities. The Foundation for Forest Management and Forest Supervision (SBB), Taskforce Order and Transformation Timber Sector members, Public Prosecution Service representatives, and Association of Domestic Timber Producers leadership were present at the conference (BHP).

These are initiatives, according to SBB director Stanley Betterson, to further regulate the timber industry. We are attempting to entirely eradicate this through negotiations because there is still some illegality in the area. The BHP’s appearance was due to some of its members wanting to end their involvement in unlawful activity and resume working in accordance with standard procedure. The industry is governed by the SBB. In place of the temporary attorney general in charge of economic crimes, Carmen Rasam was present.

It just boils down to the fact that everyone involved in the timber industry believes we should finally give the sector’s joint organization a serious look. The SBB director clarifies in this manner. He asserted that the course being pursued must be clear to all parties before issuing the command. The parties have been debating fines for a while since, according to Betterson, there was illegal wood cutting that resulted in the seizure of logs and the imposition of fines for this infraction.

According to the Suriname Communications Service, the parties want to meet once more to further address the issues that were raised at the cabinet during the meeting. Then, proposals for further legalizing of what is currently unlawful in the timber industry will be made. The duty of creating policies and offering guidance for organizing and making the best use of potential within the timber sector fell to the newly formed Timber Sector Planning and Transformation Taskforce, which was established in September.





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