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The President assists in addressing a severe emergency water scarcity Pusugrunu

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At his home in Pusugrunu on Friday, Granman Lesley Valentijn of the Matuarians received a 250-meter water pipe. President Chan Santokhi dispatched the supplies hurriedly since the village needs rainwater to survive because of the drought. Water shortages also forced the closure of the school. Due to the duro tanks being empty, teachers were also without water. Stanley Dijksteel’s “Matawai Development” working group has been tasked with coming up with a solution right away. A sustainable solution must also be worked on in addition. A delegation from the working group has located itself in Pusugrunu with logistical help from Minister Parmanand Sewdien of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries and the Unity Office.




The secretary of the working group, Eduard van Leeuwen, handed over the rolls of water hose to the chief.  He announced that the water from the river will first be pumped to the school and to the teachers’ homes.  The granman is grateful that the problem was addressed quickly, without bureaucratic hassle, so that the children from Pusugrunu and surrounding villages can enjoy education again.




Due to the unsanitary situation, the educational process had to be stopped, school leader Trefosa Pobosi explained to the delegation.  Furthermore, bats and wood lice have also affected the school building.  The school children’s play area has holes in the floor that need to be closed.  The school’s solar system needs a new 5,000 Watt inverter.  If the problems with the building are resolved, the school will be in good condition again.




To provide a structural solution to the drinking water supply, the Surinaamsche Waterleiding Maatschappij has already had two water wells drilled.  The project has yet to be completed.  The delegation will report the concerns raised to the President, after which follow-up steps will be taken.  The president is examining the possibility of setting up a solar water pump system to solve the water problem.  A pilot project will be carried out in Pusugrunu, after which other villages will also be helped.







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