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The police force will be reorganized, according to President Santokhi

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The country’s security and law enforcement situation continues to be a source of worry and necessitates immediate action. In his annual speech on Friday, President Chan Santokhi disclosed a restructuring of the Suriname Police Force. Along with boosting police leadership, this also entails selecting a chief of police.

The head of state noted that crime and criminals are brutal in their actions and spare no one. “We are all susceptible to becoming their victims.” Therefore, the goal of government policy is to combat crime in an integrated and systemic way. Government policy will be highly prevention-oriented in order to restore a sense of safety in society, in addition to effective perpetrator-oriented action and removing as many offenders from society as feasible.

The president announced that next year the police services will be provided with necessary equipment and personal equipment to operate more effectively. The policy pays specific attention to integrity and quality services. With the legislative changes that have been submitted, the approach will be given priority, according to the head of state, “particularly official corruption and corruption within the administration”.

On cross-border and organized crime, Santokhi said there is close cooperation with neighboring countries and other strategic countries. The government is therefore pleased that the legislation on gambling, including the Lottery Act, the Supervision and Control of Gambling Act and the Casino Act, has been approved.

“The laws are necessary to prevent Suriname from being blacklisted by the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force when it comes to money laundering and terrorist financing.”

Santokhi reiterated that fighting crime will remain a high priority. All armed forces will have to be deployed in a more structured and coordinated manner. According to him, the fact that safety is essential for society was emphasized during the serious incidents on February 17 this year.

The army also has a crucial role to play in restoring order, peace and security, the head of state said. “The military’s commitment to protecting Suriname and the core values that sustain our society are unwavering.”







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