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The new legislative year began yesterday

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The new legislative year began yesterday. The numerous meetings of the National Assembly (DNA) will then resume. You can also ask for a guided tour of the structure. The adoption of four tax regulations on December 29, 2022, marked the successful conclusion of the year 2022, according to the parliament’s Facebook page.

The official groundbreaking for the new parliament building and the creation of the meeting space at the DNA facility on Henck Arronstraat are two examples of viewpoints. Articles 71 to 74 of the Constitution provide DNA authority over legislative, administrative, and supervisory matters.

One of the most significant is: approving all draft laws that are presented to it. For instance, this authority will still be in effect in the near future.

DNA Chairman Marinus Bee adds that parliament will continue to serve the public on a voluntary and obligatory basis and that it will not shirk its responsibility as a representative body.





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