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The Netherlands helps to make doing business in Suriname easier

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Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and President Chan Santokhi emphasized broadening and deepening friendships at a press conference on Monday. The Netherlands will help to make doing business in Suriname attractive, because now it takes almost 1.5 years to open a company. About the statement of ex-president Desi Bouterse “that Rutte can f**k off”, the prime minister states that such matters “belong to the profession”. And vice president Ronnie Brunswijk, who, like Bouterse, has been convicted of drug trafficking in the Netherlands, will shake hands in his position. This indeed happened last night at the reception.

President Santokhi remained silent on whether the Netherlands should say ‘sorry’ to Suriname about its colonial past. A parliamentary committee recently came to Suriname to study colonial history. During the extraordinary public meeting of the National Assembly, Rutte will discuss this issue in more detail. Keeping the archives about the 1980s closed, the Dutch head of government noted that these are purely legal provisions. There’s really no exciting stuff in it. More and more archives are being opened up. Rutte will investigate what options are still available, but studying the archives will take time.

Suriname is in 162nd place on the Ease of doing business index. This deters investors. It is not such a job to simplify doing business so that Suriname ends up in a better place. The Netherlands will contribute to this. The remainder of the treaty funds of approximately EUR 18 million will also be used, with public health being a priority. Support to increase security is also high on the list. The long waiting times for visas and visa-free travel to the Netherlands were also discussed. The Netherlands will put in a good word with the European Union, while it has also promised to tackle the problems surrounding visas.

Santokhi has asked Rutte for support in the renegotiation with the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The Netherlands has a seat on the Executive Board. The government wants to adjust a few matters whose effects weigh too heavily on society. The president will go to the United States on September 14. He will have a meeting with the IMF director and will also address the United Nations.



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