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The NDP gives senior citizens particular consideration at Christmas

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This year, the National Democratic Party (NDP) has made the decision to celebrate Christmas in a unique way. Party leader Desi Bouterse, his wife Ingrid Bouterse-Waldring, and the NDP board spent a memorable evening with 400 bigots on Friday, including a sizable number of “stonfutus .” According to the purple party, singing, performances, and appropriate music added to the overall grandeur.

The department chairs put together the list of invitees in a quite short amount of time. Logistically, it was impossible to offer more than 400 bigotries the attention they required, therefore the NDP chose an alternative method of communication with the absent regions. In the upcoming time frame, the NDP has planned a few activities in the other districts.

With such a celebration, the NDP, which is the largest social party, seeks to engage even more of its dya dya members and relies on your understanding. The average Surinamese cannot enjoy Christmas with their families in a respectable manner because of the socioeconomic crisis the country is currently experiencing. The NDP has considered providing a Christmas box as a parting gift to those in attendance.

The NDP will hold its year-end closing ceremony in the party center on December 29 in a suitable manner. The party looks back on a successful Christmas celebration.





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