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The national water plan is led by Newmont Suriname

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A national water strategy is something that multinational Newmont Suriname aspires to. A crucial natural resource for the manufacturing industry is water. The company’s initial goal is to raise public awareness of the Marowijne and Commewijne river basins. A discussion with several stakeholders took place on Monday in the Torarica Hotel’s banquet hall.

Water’s significance was stressed by Minister Silvano Tjong-Ahin of Spatial Planning and the Environment (ROM). He claims that water is abundant in Suriname but that this is not given much attention. He stated that it is important to avoid polluting this natural resource. He believes it’s critical that there be both regulation and preventative policy in this area. Transparency is a necessary, said Tjong-Ahin, if we are to maintain the safety of our seas.

The minister asserts that it is critical that international corporations continue to receive payments since the government now lacks the capacity to handle catastrophic disasters. These substantial businesses, like Newmont, bear a heavy burden in this area. Tjong-Ahin stated that “water is crucial and we should cherish our water resources like gold.” He also focused on the significant oil and gas investments that will necessitate strict adherence to global environmental standards. The initiative by Newmont, which the minister felt demonstrated accountability, was well received, according to the Suriname Communications Service.

To improve water management, Shirley Sowma-Sumter, Senior Director of External Relations at Newmont, thinks it’s critical to collaborate with stakeholders. To aid with a national water strategy’s execution for the time being, 27 stakeholders have been identified. The Marowijne and Commewijne river basins are the primary areas of interest for Newmont.

The international company intends to raise awareness about water in collaboration with the stakeholders, which include parastatal businesses, small-scale mining company representatives, the government, NGOs, local communities, and the Anton de Kom University of Suriname. The multinational has previously gathered information and created a water management strategy. Stakeholders will be informed of these and given the opportunity to comment. In addition, Sowma-Sumter adds, “We aim to pinpoint areas where our organization can work with stakeholders.”






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