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The May 2 union strike was not viewed as a solution by VSB

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Het ministerie van Sociale Zaken en Volkshuisvesting (Sozavo) en het Kinderfonds van de Verenigde Naties (Unicef) hebben op woensdag 24 mei 2023 de bewustwordingscampagne over de Conventie voor de Rec...

Actions that the trade union movement has announced before May 2, 2023, have been noted by the Association of Surinamese Businesses (VSB). However, the VSB claims in its most recent publication that its members do not believe that these steps will improve the current economic situation. In an economy that is already precarious, they are unproductive. Although it is understandable that people are unhappy with the state of the economy, a total shutdown would be disastrous for the already fragile economy. Strikes are a legal means for the community to voice their unhappiness and demand changes to their living conditions, according to VSB.

However, it is imperative that a number of essential processes continue. Because there is no potential for a conflict with the employer, the VSB advises employees who wish to take part in this action to consider taking time off.

The VSB will keep putting pressure on the administration to abide with the existing accords. Now that follow-up activities have been again addressed, we will carry on the path of productive conversation between the corporate community, employee organizations, and the government. There have been agreements that the government will take steps to boost productivity and move more quickly on the social agenda.

The VSB will also participate in the IMF monitoring group in order to assume accountability for the government’s effective implementation of a monetary policy. The freshly established Tripartite Consultation views the VSB as a potent “tool” where both the business community and the trade union movement may jointly shape public policy.




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