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The management of Suriname Airways talks about possible growth

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Het Caribbean Urban Forum 2023 (CUF 2023) vond dit jaar plaats in Suriname, in de Royal Ballroom van Hotel Torarica. Het hoofdthema van CUF 2023 was "Verbetering van veerkracht en duurzaamheid door in...

As part of its ongoing recovery efforts, Surinam Airways’ acting CEO Steven Gonesh and vice president of finance Santosh Baidjoe visited Port of Spain in Trinidad for business. They had conversations with numerous stakeholders during this tour.

The management team from Surinam Airways stopped by the Republic Bank, among other places, to discuss financial issues. Additionally, they have discussed potential expansion opportunities for Surinam Airways with Director General Francis Regis and Ricardo Henri of the Trinidad and Tobago Civil Aviation Authority (TTCAA).

Additionally, conversations for ground handling in Port of Spain were undertaken with Piarco Airservices Limited (PASL), and discussions about a potential partnership were held with the renowned SwissPort. The discussed route options will be further elaborated.

The visit was productive and the board members, together with the honorary consul of Suriname in Trinidad, Jerome Khan, successfully completed several cases.





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