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The ‘Labor Market Alignment with New Industries’ project is one step closer

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The Program Implementation Unit (PIU), which is in responsible of carrying out the project, is now filled with a program manager, a financial officer, and a procurement officer, bringing the implementation of the “Labor Market Alignment with New Industries” initiative one step closer. On June 1, 2023, the PIU officials began their duties. On June 8, 2023, Minister Steven Mac Andrew of Labour, Employment and Youth Affairs (AWJ) met with them to give them an orientation.

Mr. Oyeleye Adeniyi, the program manager, is in charge of the PIU. In collaboration with the Deputy Director of Labor Market for the Ministry, he will organize, facilitate, and support the project’s implementation. The Ministry of AWJ and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) aim with this project: matching the labor market to new sectors. Thus, job seekers will learn skills tailored to the needs of manufacturing and new sectors. The ministry’s training institutes will be deployed for this purpose. In addition, job seekers’ access to the Employment Agency will be eased and increased by making labor market information about work and recruitment accessible to them.

On this occasion, Minister Mac Andrew emphasized the role of the PIU for the smooth implementation of the project. He therefore expects that the recruited officials will do their utmost to achieve the project’s objectives within the agreed time frame. According to the minister, the project in question is fully in line with the labor market policy and the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, with the focus also being on the promotion of green jobs, the stimulation of diversified economic sectors, as well as sustainable companies with the aim of increase the supply of decent work.

For example, the aim is for ‘green sectors’ and increasing the application to value chains in production. This should result in a transition to a more diversified and resilient economy of our country, with the creation of new sustainable jobs. The deputy director of Labor Market, Naomi Esajas-Friperson, and Xuxara Hardajal, policy officer for Labor Market Development, were also present at the meeting.





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