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The issue of assistant physicians’ pay has been resolved

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By the end of August, the salary for assistant doctors will be decided. These medical students are conducting an internship to complete their studies. They are in their seventh year. They only receive compensation of SRD 1,715 each month. In the National Assembly on Monday, Health Minister Amar Ramadhin announced that they will now receive SRD 10,000 per month.

Sidik Moertabat, a VHP assemblyman, proposed this subject. He highlighted that the low value placed on assistant doctors is completely unacceptable. It is a bad situation, according to Ramadhin. Such pitiful sums are not frequently paid.

The problem goes back to 2009 when Fiso was introduced. This group is not included in the system. The assistant doctors continued to receive the low compensation. This issue has previously been brought to the attention of the Minister. He said that the reimbursement has been tackled together with a group of assistant doctors. In June, the Council of Ministers adjusted the remuneration. There is already a missive on this. The new wages will be paid at the end of August.







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