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The inauguration of Garcia Paragsingh as attorney general

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Garcia Paragsingh was sworn in as the Attorney General (PG) at the Court of Justice today at the Presidential Palace. She held this post for more than two years before this occurred. ” system PG, you oversee the judicial and the police department in addition to the Public Prosecution Service (OM). Our working arms’ integrity needs to be strengthened, the president Chandrikapersad Santokhi remarked. The president claims that it was inevitable that Paragsingh’s nomination as attorney general would be delayed for so long. Following the Court of Justice’s favorable judgment, the appointment was also approved by the government.

Two deputy members of the Court of Justice were also sworn in on this day. Justices Eric Rudge and Cynthia Klein will strengthen the judiciary. “Since I took office, we have been working to ease the work of the judiciary. Shortly after I took office, the Court was reinforced with 15 deputy members. The President of the Court Iwan Rasoelbaks, who previously acted for 6 years, has also been appointed. The Raio courses for both standing and sitting magistracy are also in the starting blocks,” said the president.




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