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The hustle culture is indispensable in Suriname society

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The hustle culture seems to have been expanding for years because of the bad economic situation in our country. A regular job is not easy for the low-skilled to find. And if they have one, such as a store clerk, construction worker, or garage, the job often offers poor wages, no promotion opportunities, and poor working conditions. The hustling, either in addition to a regular job or as a sole source of income, is a dire necessity. If one is not inventive and productive in this time, there is a good chance that one will not make it at all, according to our conversations with various hustlers.

Yvonne Slijngaard                                                      Under the Central Market, in front of the Royal Music Center, stands the well-known BIG as everyone knows it. He sells phones, chargers, tablets, power banks. He said that he is not illegal under the market like others, he has his licensed and registered with KKF. He also pay tax every month. He said that that is his job, he has no other side job. BIG notes that he is not bothered by the police when they patrol, and he is careful with items offered to him for resale. He said that if someone wants to sell something to him, he demands proof of identity.

Giorno Kerk, more known as Buga, normally works as a gold miner in the forest. He said that in his spare time, if no money is being made there, he will rush into the city for the VCB (Surinaamse Volkscredietbank, ed.), because there is a run-up there, he notes. Church is present from seven o’clock in the morning until six o’clock in the evening. He said t not every day you can find what you want. Here for VCB he trade gold, exchange money and sell black stone and tights for people with rasta hair. Kerk argues that he has a family to take care of, which is why he doesn’t sit still. He said that the government has to look for work for the hustlers, because he wants to work in the city, but he can’t find a job.





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