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The government supports the National Housing Program’s approach

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Phase I of the National Housing Program, which runs from 2023 to 2025, must contribute to a long-term solution to Suriname’s housing problem. The program’s overarching goals are the development of the neighborhood and the provision of every Surinamese family with a decent and inexpensive home and living space. Project manager Mark Rommy presented the Rural Housing Program’s concept to President Chandrikapersad Santokhi on June 24 in an effort to gain the president’s consent. The presentation ended with this approval as well.

The Rural Housing Program’s primary goals are to develop low-cost credit options for society, cultivate the plots for which decisions and declarations of readiness have been made, build homes, supervise and monitor housing construction generally, and establish a legal framework for housing construction. The major objective is to make private housing accessible to middle-class families at low interest rates. As part of the strategic plan to deal with the housing shortage, the parameters have been changed.

Rommy indicates that, based on the available resources, a presentation was given to the president about how people think about the best way to start the National Housing Program. The steps to follow after the approval of the Head of State are to continue with the strategy and ensure that all legal frameworks are in place.

“It must be possible to implement the National Housing Program in a targeted manner,” says Rommy. The project manager states that he wants to start this dry season and eventually offer sufficient housing solutions in the coming years to people who are able to buy a house or people who have a plot that is not yet ready for construction. “We are going to implement this gradually, because of course we cannot help everyone immediately, but we are going to do it gradually,” says Rommy.






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