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The government provides urea to rice farmers

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Slagingspercentages vwo gestegen, havo licht gedaald

Dit jaar zijn de slagingspercentages voor het voorbereidend wetenschappelijk onderwijs (vwo) gestegen, terwijl die voor het hoger algemeen vormend onderwijs (havo) een lichte daling hebben laten zien....

The first urea vouchers in Nickerie have been given out by President Chan Santokhi to rice farmers who have been affected by flooding and the rat epidemic. On Friday, distribution using a deposit slip system got underway. Additionally, a brand-new plant for the production of parboiled rice has been established. On this occasion, President Santokhi and Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries (LVV) Parmanand Sewdien stressed the significance of the rice industry once more.

Minister Sewdien says that on Friday June23 the head of state, together with a few entrepreneurs, took the decision to compensate farmers with urea. These are small paddy farmers with areas of less than 30 hectare are provided with a bag of urea of 50 kilos per hectare. The 18,000 bags of urea are advanced interest-free by a supplier.

“I have also announced on other occasions that half of LVV’s budget goes to Nickerie. Rice is our most important agricultural crop,” says the minister. Farmers who sow less than 30 ha can collect their coupons at the LVV office. The head of state says that the government is investigating internationally where it can obtain cheaper urea. Anyone who has suffered damage can register. Make good use of it, it is a gesture from the government,” the president said.

At the opening of the modern parboiled rice factory, government officials welcomed this progress in the rice industry. Santokhi emphasized employment as well as further expanding the rice sector. “The world price for rice is high and favorable. Make the money now! Go expand!” President Santokhi called out.





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