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The government launching social program

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The government is currently introducing a social initiative to increase the purchasing power of societally vulnerable households. The social program will provide subsidies for seven different commodities and services, including gasoline, electricity, water, gas, basic food, transportation, and medications.

The payments from this social initiative will now be made through the moni karta system of the Surinamese Postspaarbank. The social program will begin to be implemented by the Santokhi government on January 31, 2023. By putting the social program into action, the shift from object to subject subsidy is accomplished.

The General Old Age Pension (AOV), General Child Benefit (AKB), Financial Assistance for People with a Disability, and Financial Assistance for Weak Households are among the financial benefits offered by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Housing that make up the social safety net. These resources will remain.

According to Ramsaran, the government is attempting to lessen not only the suffering of all vulnerable groups but also that of the common citizen so they do not find themselves in a hopeless situation. Between 40,000 and 60,000 households are expected to benefit from this social program with a monthly increase in purchasing power of SRD 1800.

The persons eligible for this are vulnerable groups who are already in the social safety net of Social Affairs and Housing and other vulnerable groups.





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