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The government forms a water crisis team to reduce flooding

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A committee to handle the water situation has been formed by the government. As the main rainy season has begun, numerous locations have recently been inundated. The group will take action to reduce any unfavorable circumstances that may occur. The administration has also made the decision to keep closed any ministries or government offices that are difficult to access because of the floods or whose workforce is being flooded. Every effort will be taken to keep the public’s access to these services.

The team, which was formed yesterday, will virtually convene this afternoon, according to Minister Albert Ramdin of Foreign Affairs, International Business, and International Cooperation, who made the announcement via the Suriname Communications Service.

According to him, the heavy rains lead to situations where individuals are in peril. Ramdin asserts that there is nothing that can be done to address floods, despite the government’s belief that it needs to be addressed. Due to precipitation, flooding is now happening in several nations. According to the minister, who believes that the high rainfall is a result of climate change, “It is not specifically a Surinamese problem, but it is an issue that we will certainly continue to work on during the climate summit talks.”

The Ministries of Housing and Health and Social Affairs have already been sent in to ensure that food packages are prepared and that access to health care is maintained in emergency situations. The National Coordination Center for Disaster Management, according to the minister, is presently determining which areas need assistance with flooding. Staatsolie was questioned on the situation of the Afobaka reservoir’s water level. The lake has adequate room to hold the extra rains. The minister makes it clear that the government will keep an eye on the situation and make sure that assistance may be given where it is required.





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