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The Government ensures security

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Security and law and order are provided by the Government. The majority of the police and soldiers do not take part in the unions’ activities, according to ministers of justice and police Kenneth Amoksi and defense minister Krishna Mathoera. At a news conference on Friday evening, Amoksi stated that 95% of the soldiers were at work. Mathoera reported that the Association for the Legal Position of the Military’s activity involved roughly 40 soldiers (VRM).

The ministers and their Foreign Affairs, International Business, and International Cooperation colleague Albert Ramdin concur that the actions are unjustified. They think that the rule of law is being broken. Ramdin questioned what benefit the activities had. “What prompts the unions to act in this way. What compels them to put the community in danger?” Ramdin asserted that his Defense Department colleague had made it obvious how frequently he had discussions with the VRM.

Amoksi says that senior officers Raoul Hellings and Sergio Gentle were fired in accordance with the correct procedures. There have been several discs used. At the press conference, it was unclear whether Vice President Ronnie Brunswijk was aware of the resignation resolution. Amoksi advised, “You ought to ask the VP the question.” Even after asking the same question twice, no response was provided, despite the fact that it was repeatedly underlined that complete transparency was being followed. The Vice President’s Cabinet has stated that Brunswijk was not aware and that various actions may have been taken. Additionally, this has been informed of the Surinamese Police Association.

The SPB has been the target of legal action. The judge was informed that the requests for the services to act will be withdrawn. Also, this took place. Amoksi stated that although there hasn’t been a decision in this matter, it is “still pending.” He requests an interpretation of what “to be in deliberation” actually implies. The SPB was back at the Assembly Building yesterday. The minister also asserts that recruits are not union members and are not permitted to participate in union activities. Union members contest this. The SPB officially canceled the meeting yesterday.

Mathoera declared that VRM is the subject of summary proceedings. On Monday, law enforcement will be sought. The union will be urged to stop urging soldiers to take action, and the judge will be asked to do so. Mathoera underlined that soldiers are not allowed to strike. She claims that laws and regulations are being broken. She is happy that the majority of the military troops have stayed put and performed their jobs routinely.






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