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The government debates idea of switching its ministers around

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The government’s rearrangement of the ministerial team is still up for debate. It is yet unclear whether there will be internal adjustments or if new employees will be hired. During the press conference marking three years of Santokhi rule, President Chan Santokhi said that this topic is still ongoing and has not yet been resolved.

The chief of state claims that this government does not routinely replace ministers or rearrange the team. In order to avoid the financial burden of unsustainable compensation plans for former ministers, this government does not change ministers whenever issues emerge.

This is an administration that is focused on policies, according to President Santokhi. Performance and policy are the main concerns. Currently, the government has created an action plan with performance metrics. It is now preferable to evaluate the ministers using a chronology. The government will make this agreement, and if performance falls short of expectations, the government will also make revisions as needed.

A coalition member has vanished with the NPS’ departure. When asked if the departure of the coalition partner is palpable, vice president (vp) Ronnie Brunswijk responded that it is comparable to getting a red card in a football game; it implies you have to work harder. The coalition needs to be aware and attentive now that the NPS has left, the VP observes, and this should act as an eye-opener.

The president underscores that it is a coalition, and notwithstanding the NPS’s withdrawal, we have chosen to carry on with the coalition that is left. Two new ministers have also been welcomed by the government. Henry Ori, the secretary for education, science, and culture, would discuss his findings and priorities with the government council the following week.

“We strive for better policy and will make sure that there are facilities for education at all locations in Suriname, including appropriate educational facilities and enough teachers,” states the assignment. This is our main concern,” he insisted.








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