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The government can control the exchange rate

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Minister of Finance and Planning Stanley Raghoebarsing has recently faced concerns over whether or not the government can stabilize the course on a regular basis since taking office. He stressed that the administration can change the path during the National Assembly’s (DNA) open session. He made this statement based on his experience since it has in the past been effective with willpower in parliament, particularly in society, and with the expertise that is present. “In earlier stages, the people made sacrifices to repair the economy and stabilize the exchange rate. Every day, society is under strain, yet despite the difficulties in finding solutions, Raghoebarsing believes that we are moving in the right direction.

For him, it is crucial that the legislature has faith in the work being done and works well together so that the government can project this assurance to the rest of society. The minister stated that political figures “should also help make sacrifices, together with the people.” The strong accord between the government and parliament is not merely a coincidence, claims Raghoebarsing.

When the recovery plan was developed and presented to parliament, it was provided to the government as a significant partner. “Production does appear in the recovery plan, but not in the IMF program. This is not a criticism of the IMF, as the IMF has a limited ‘scope’.” However, it has been suggested that this understanding goes beyond what the IMF wants and can do between the administration and the legislature as well as the other committees. Because it is still our country, the administration is moving a little further, according to Raghoebarsing. The actions will be conducted and ordered whether the IMF is there or not. Despite claiming that there is room for improvement in stakeholder communication, Raghoebarsing claimed he was happy with how current settlement negotiations are going. In the past period, a broad agreement has been reached between the banks and the cambios about the policy that should ultimately be pursued.






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