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The FMF Foundation and President share a vision of strong families

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Yesterday, President Chan Santokhi and his Guyanese counterpart Irfaan Ali met in private. In order to attend a conference of heads of state where the reactivation of the Union of South American Natio...

The Father and Mother Figure Foundation (FMF) made a presentation to President Santokhi. The group, led by Henk Redmond, is committed to a future in which intergenerational relationships play a crucial role. The group is dedicated to mentoring microentrepreneurs, bolstering families, and coaching young people. These groups are expected to develop their abilities, be brave and autonomous, and be enterprising.

This ought to encourage everyone to work together for Suriname’s development and economic advancement. When FMF began operating in Suriname six years ago, more than 100 families have been reinforced, and 100 microbusiness owners have been coached and inspired. The presentation impressed President Santokhi, who realized that much more has to be done to support youth. To put decisions into practice, there will be follow-up meetings with the organization. The meeting with President Santokhi served as a first round of conversation regarding the national dialogue.



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