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The Esther Foundation grounds are getting a thorough overhaul after 20 years

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The Esther Foundation’s site is currently undergoing a comprehensive cleaning after more than 20 years. Recently, collaboration between the foundation and the Directorate of Public Green and Waste Management (OGA) was restarted, and new agreements were also formed. The director of OGA, Indersing Gangabisoensingh, has guaranteed that maintenance work will be done.

On Friday, Gangabisoensingh paid an orientation visit to this institution where cleaning work has been carried out by the directorate for five weeks. “The work has largely been completed on both the inside and outside of the site,” the OGA director indicates. During the execution, it was noticed that the discharge was clogged. “Help has been requested from the Civil Engineering Works Directorate (CTW) for this. ) to dig up the discharge,” says Gangabisoensingh.

The management of OGA strives to carry out regular maintenance. Cleaning work will be carried out every two weeks. The director also calls on the Esther Foundation to contribute to the purchase of the necessary resources for other maintenance.

Iris Roosenhoff, staff member of the Esther Foundation, is very grateful to OGA for the good cooperation and support. She will work with the management to prepare the requested resources, Public Works reports.





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