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The elites are leaving Supervisory Board Staatsolie

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 Mellisa Santokhi-Seenacherry, Leo Brunswijk (President of the Supervisory Board) and Harry Dorinnie will resign from the Supervisory Board (SB) of Staatsolie. This was determined during a regular supervisory board meeting chaired by President Chan Santokhi at his cabinet yesterday. It has not yet been determined when the supervisory board members will retire, as this will take place in accordance with procedures and a timeline.

As a shareholder of Staatsolie Maatschappij Suriname N.V., the State of Suriname had a meeting with the CEO of Staatsolie about the retirement of these three members. The management of Staatsolie and the shareholder agree that there should be no vacancy with their exit. Which was discussed in detail during this meeting.

Presidential spokesman, Alven Roosveld, responsed that a profile of suitable candidates will be drawn up. This is free from politics. These are people with technical knowledge. After that, there will be nominations from new candidates and the selection. The decisions will be taken at the next general meeting of shareholders. The steps will be taken and the decision should be finalized at the next meeting.

A timeline is being calculated for the coming period, so as not to create unrest in international cooperation and to guarantee continuity of policy. At the same time, the right profiles for the entry of the new supervisory board members are being looked at. It is expected that this will not lead to stagnations in the local and international relations of the state-owned company. In addition to the retirement of the supervisory board members, many other issues were discussed during the regular Staatsolie supervisory board meeting with the shareholder, such as the internal communication between the supervisory board and the management of Staatsolie, and developments regarding oil and gas. Furthermore, the current position of Staatsolie was discussed, in particular the facility activities, offshore operations, international cooperation and how the management deals with this.




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