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The Dutch Minister pays a visit to the Public Prosecution Service

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The Dutch Minister for Legal Protection, Franc Weerwind, paid a visit to the Public Prosecution Service (OM). Mr. Garcia Paragsingh, the acting producer general, welcomed him. The minister and his group were there as a courtesy.

Minister of Justice and Police Kenneth Amoksi and his delegation were also in attendance. The development of the Makandra projects was brought up throughout the conversation, among other things. There was also discussion on the Public Prosecution Service as a whole. When Minister Weerwind inquired as to what kind of legislation the Public Prosecution Service required, it was replied that it required access to the Special Investigative Powers Act (BOB).

In light of the struggle against significant organized (cross-border) crime, the Public Prosecution Service believes that this statute will soon be put into action. Traditional investigative techniques alone are not sufficient to combat this type of crime. Minister Weerwind has pledged his support for the Makandra projects’ execution.




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