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The DNA meeting room’s construction has been temporarily suspended

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The National Assembly’s (DNA) meeting room construction has been temporarily halted by the administration. Minister of Education, Science, and Culture Henry Ori states, “This is in response to comments made about the architectural structure of the meeting complex” (minOWC).

The minister stated on Tuesday that he anticipates an agreement with the parties following a fruitful discussion in an interview with the Suriname Communications Service.

Minister Ori further indicated that there was also good consultation on October 24 between him and his fellow ministers Albert Ramdin (Foreign Affairs, International Business and International Cooperation) and Riad Nurmohamed (Public Works).

It was jointly decided to thoroughly review all documents surrounding the case.  According to the minister, Suriname is bound by a number of agreements under the World Heritage Convention.  In response to this, various designs have been studied at the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco) in recent months, and some advice has been given.

“A number of agreements have been made that we will in any case stop construction activities this week – because there are preparations for pouring –,” the education minister said.  In the coming period, the Minister of Public Works will, together with experts, review the reports as well as the comments made by UNESCO.  Furthermore, the specialist company ICOMOS, which carries out technical research for world heritage, will reconsider the matter.  “Following their advice, we will see how we can move forward,” Minister Ori explains.

Minister Ori does acknowledge that our DNA needs the building.  According to him, it is therefore good to work on a solution in the coming days.  Contact will also be made with the technical team in Paris.  “We have successfully completed a number of assessment criteria, but it is also good to listen to the UNESCO technical committee to get as close to that optimization as possible.”

The minister adds that he has the impression that an agreement will be reached.  “We have to make the final decision together and I don’t think we differ much,” said the OWC minister.



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