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“The current government has destroyed what has been long built up”

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At the NDP executive meeting, Jennifer Geerlings-Simons, the NDP’s chief executive, stated that the nation is currently on the verge of bankruptcy. She highlighted that she remains confident in her ability to seize power in the nation. In recent years, the present administration has destroyed social structures that had been long-established. “We weren’t perfect; there was still a lot of work to be done to make this country better, and what we had has been destroyed.”

According to Simons, there is also open corruption such as has never been shown in the country. “The country is falling and if we don’t stop it, it’s really not going to end well for us.” These are fundamental problems that we face in this country, both economically and socially. “I have faith in the future of Suriname and I think that the NDP, with great visions and good programs, has the task and duty to help ensure that the children who leave now have a good future in this country and that we also grow old in this country”.

The NDP is a political party with a very clear vision, good principles and good people, according to Simons. Suriname is broken in the social field, in the field of social services and institutions. “That is the country that NDP wants to take over, because the NDP knows that if we stick to our own principles, visions and program, then we can do the job.” According to Simons, the NDP is based on the democratic constitutional state.




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