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The cost of buses and boats won’t increase

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Due to the increase in fuel prices, the National Transport Company, the Organization of Bus and Boat Holders in Suriname, and the Private Line Bus Holders Organization will all receive subsidies. The cost of public transportation won’t go up as a result. The government has set up SRD 31,778,442 for the subsidies. Specifically, SRD 18,000,000 in December and SRD 13,778,442 in January 2023 will be paid in two installments.

The amount the government spends on fuel subsidies each month exceeds SRD 400 million. This places a significant strain on the state’s budget, according to President Chan Santokhi, who said as much during a government press conference on Monday. According to Santokhi, the government still provides subsidies for goods like cooking gas. The gasoline subsidy has reached an unsustainable level as a result of changes on a global scale.

According to the Communication Service Suriname, the State will have at least SRD 100 million remaining in subsidies as a result of this change to the fuel price. Based on the price differential between diesel and gasoline, the bus and boat owners will receive subsidies for the time being. Until the government’s social agenda is put into action, the subsidies will continue. Additionally, this will ensure that guaranteed school transportation will continue.





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