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The changes in education are frustrating parents

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Parents continue to express dissatisfaction with the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture for failing to communicate with them about educational advancements. On social media, a number of people have voiced their disgust with the situation. Students in year 10 who failed their exam are moved to vocational education, which is not always warmly appreciated. The approach used by the school’s recommendations would likewise be inappropriate.

Henri Ori, the minister of education, claims that a year 10 evaluation has taken place. Exams are now taken in year 10 by students of the sixth class or year eight instead of the sixth class. Based on the set standards, the children move on to general education (AVO). The exam results, the school history and the profile of the student are factors that help determine the school recommendation for further education. However, some parents do not agree with the advice from the school.

“That is allowed,” says Minister Ori. According to him, a letter of objection can be sent to the ministry. “More than 100 requests have already been received,” said the minister. It was possible to send a letter of defense to the ministry until 18 August. A committee will review all objections and provide feedback to parents and students.

According to the minister of education, vocational education should be stimulated, especially the technical courses. He says that society should not view technical professions as unworthy. “Because of the developments in the oil and gas industry, Suriname also needs many technical people who will have to fill the jobs,” says the minister. According to him, vocational education should be given a better appreciation in society.

Minister Ori says that there will be further communication to the citizenry about the changes in the education system. The issue of transferring students to another school is also on the agenda of the ministry. According to the minister, it should no longer be a problem that parents cannot find a suitable school for their children close to where they live.






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