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The 1 for 12 Foundation celebrates its 18th anniversary with donations

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The Whahaha Water Factory site on the Sophialaan served as the location for the 1 for 12 Foundation’s 18th birthday celebration, which included donations to the less fortunate and to the donors. The organization provided financial assistance to a number of deserving individuals on this particular day, including a six-year-old child who was born without a pituitary gland and a mother who had second-degree burn damage, together with her two children.

As he continues to assist those in need, Louis Vismale, the president of the foundation, looks back on the organization’s anniversary with conflicted emotions. His heart breaks to see more and more people registering for assistance. The nonprofit has future intentions to build a homeless shelter in the Para neighborhood. But, considering the high number of homeless individuals in the region, the organization will presumably concentrate on helping women who are in challenging domestic situations.

Given the expenditures involved, preparations for setting this up are ongoing. The foundation’s chairman is appreciative of the donations who make it possible to assist those in need.





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