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TCT and lodge owners Boven Suriname discuss approach to tourism

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MinOWC start projecten om leerachterstanden te verminderen

Het ministerie van Onderwijs, Wetenschap en Cultuur (minOWC) heeft leerkrachten opgeroepen om extra uren te draaien tijdens de vakantie om leerlingen met leerachterstanden te ondersteunen. Minister He...

Tuesday in Atjoni, Minister Albert Jubithana of Transport, Communication and Tourism (TCT) was present at a meeting between DC Ndepe ‘Frits’ Dinge and a number of lodge proprietors. The parties have discussed how to improve Upper Suriname’s tourism industry together.

The local business owners and Jubithana have all shared their opinions on the strategy. The DC and lodge owners have been informed about the Tourism Act that is being discussed in parliament by Assembly member Miquella Huur (ABOP/PL). Huur, one of the bill’s authors, expresses optimism that the proposal will be approved by the legislature on Thursday. She claims that this bill will guarantee that the sector’s organization has a legal foundation. According to Huur, there will be a body in charge of labeling, certification, and other requirements that will help the tourism industry.

Atjoni extends a warm welcome to TCT Minister Albert Jubithana.

There are 28 locations along Upper Suriname, with Atjoni serving as a stopover. TCT notes that maintaining the area clean and disposing of waste properly are crucial here. “Waste management could be the responsibility of another ministry, but a government is one and indivisible. Keeping Atjoni clean is something that we all need to support, Minister Jubithana said, adding that a dirty atmosphere is hardly welcoming to tourists. Teaching the locals about the importance of the tourism industry is something he values highly. “Tourism is a limitless good. The minister argues that now is the ideal time to make more efficient investments in this industry.

Information about several training programs for improving the tourist industry has been provided by members of the Suriname Hospitality and Tourism Training Center Foundation. Through surveys, the Ministry has seized the chance to gather data from the lodge owners. Jubithana makes it clear that the government provides training support for the industry, as is the case in other districts. He talks about cooks and complaints-focused training, among other things.










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