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Symposium to identify patients with stroke

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A conference was arranged to educate primary care doctors on how to diagnose, treat, and refer patients who have suffered a stroke. Guidelines for the “Stroke Symposium” have been created in cooperation with the Surinamese department of neurology by the Foundation Post Academic Education Medicine Suriname (SPAOGS).

The Ministry of Health has given its national approval to the guidelines created for this purpose. Amar Ramadin, the health minister, opened the symposium that took place yesterday in the Unasat building.

General practitioners from a variety of organizations, including the Regional Health Service (RGD), the Medical Mission (MZ), the police, and the National Army, as well as private general practitioners and ward physicians from hospitals, took part in the symposium. The symposium featured interactive presentations and case studies from experts in the field of neurology, including neurologists, vascular surgeons, neurosurgeons, and cardiologists.

To diagnose, treat, and refer patients with stroke symptoms as soon as possible, the clinicians in attendance were taught TIA protocols and stroke guidelines. A second symposium on stroke patients’ post-stroke care, including occupational therapy, cardiology, and speech therapy, should be held, according to neurologist Warisha Koendang, because there are still some social and, particularly, economical problems.

Koendan asked the participating physicians to initiate the hospital’s acute stroke protocol. “Your responsibility is to move the patient.” According to her, it might guarantee both that the patient still heals and that more harm is done. General practitioners were reminded by the specialists that patients should always be referred to the emergency room.






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