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SWM is going through a particularly rough patch

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In particular, the Surinaamsche Waterleiding Maatschappij (SWM) is struggling. This is due to years of maintaining water rates considerably below cost. At the moment, the rates are typically 25% of the cost. This makes it challenging for the business to stay afloat. This was said in parliament yesterday by interim Minister of Natural Resources Kenneth Amoksi.

Henar continues to be without clean drinking water, according to Ebu Jones (NDP). The faucet does not consistently dispense water. He revealed that a contractor has been hired to drill wells for more than SRD 2 million. While the SWM already has the knowledge and only requires a drill head. Jones requested that the SWM receive the funds from the government. He asserted that the government refrains from doing so since friends and family need to earn a living.

Evert Karto (ABOP/PL) reported that he gets calls from customers who have paid for a connection from the SWM but are still unable to get water from the faucet every day. Karto recalled that studies had revealed the company was in terrible financial difficulties and couldn’t support itself, but he insisted that households couldn’t wait years.

The company is unable to purchase supplies because 64% of income is used to pay employees’ salaries. Karto demanded that the government take action so that the business can support itself. Karto claims that the business owns a drilling machine. It is just necessary to buy a drill head. Let’s assist. The fact that Commewijne possesses a cutting-edge water treatment facility but resorts do not is unacceptable.

According to Minister Amoksi, the government is currently reviewing water pricing and will update parliament when it is prepared. The drilling of more water wells will begin in Nickerie in June of this year. We are awaiting the equipment’s availability from the contractor, who has other contractual commitments.






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