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Sustainable approach to agriculture in Brokopondo district

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In the village of Klaaskreek in the Brokopondo district, an agricultural testing ground has been started. Vice President Ronnie Brunswijk and Minister Gracia Emanuël of Regional Development and Sport unveiled the nameplate. This is a collaboration between the Directorate of Domestic Agricultural Development (DAOB) and the Klaaskreek and Environment Agricultural Development Foundation (St. Lokeo).

The aim of this project is to develop agricultural activities in this area. Not only a plant propagation project will be started, but training will also be provided for the residents of Klaaskreek and the surrounding area as well as other districts. Suriname Communications Service said that the intention is to grow citrus, manja, avocado and cherry trees as well as vegetables and crops such as antroewa, boulanger and pepper. Sandino Rathling, president of St. Lokeo said that they have been working on this project since 2013. And they have started to clear the way. The plan was to back the road about 5km and plant the surrounding areas. Sandino Rathling is very pleased with this project.

Agro Industries is the only company from Brokopondo that supplies vegetables to Iamgold. In addition, 50% of the vegetables are obtained from Saramacca. Rathling said that they wanted to change this and make sure that they can also contribute in the district and support the community of Klaaskreek in their entrepreneurial drive. It is appropriate for a company like Iamgold to source vegetables from the district where it is located. The fact that vegetables are brought in from another district means that the district is missing an important opportunity to generate income.

Brunswijk emphasized that as a child of Brokopondo he himself wants to contribute to the development of his district. This initiative of the foundation should be extended to other districts, he believes. Minister Emanuël believes that production is always an important matter and is confident that the Lokeo Foundation and the DAOB team, led by director Hermien Pavion, will bring the project to a successful conclusion. Klaaskreek captain Michel Walden, district commissioner Ludwig Mendelzoon and ROS director Maverick Boejoekoe were also present during the ceremony.




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