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Surinamese people do not readily accept local goods

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De minister van Financiën en Planning, Stanley Raghoebarsingh, heeft gisteren belangrijke aspecten omtrent de belastinginkomsten van dit jaar besproken. Volgens hem zijn de inkomsten geschat op 54 mil...

Rising Sun Wine Shop CEO Benito Amania claims that nine years of trial and error have gone into this business. Many Surinamese choose significantly less expensive varieties of wine produced abroad as a result of the daily exchange rate increases and the addition of the value added tax (VAT).

Amania wants Surinams to favor “our own products”. Using Surinamese fruits, vegetables, lianas, and herbs, Rising Sun Wine Shop makes its own wine. In recent years, it has been challenging to avoid raising rates in order to serve the community. Amania claims that in the end, there is absolutely no way to start generating money.

The wines from Rising Sun are made using a traditional method and are all-natural goods. Amania asserts that collaboration with other Surinamese businesspeople is frequent enough with the goal of mutual support. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing financial and economic crisis, all businesses have had a very difficult time lately.

Amania further suggests that Surinamese do not readily adopt new goods. One of the company’s most difficult problems to overcome has been adoption. The ability to maintain a business up there requires tenacity and confidence in the Lord, according to Amania.

We are still attempting to export Rising Sun’s numerous goods overseas. The products may be shipped abroad.

This businessman still has lofty goals that he hopes to accomplish with his group. Amania wants to rank among the top producers of indigenously created wines by the year 2023.







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