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Suriname supports India for a seat in the UN Security Council

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 Suriname supports India in its bid for a non-permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council. President Chan Santokhi has indicated at the Global Investors Summit in Indore, Madya Pradesh, that India’s role in the world is becoming increasingly important. This is also widely recognized.

India’s presidency of the G20 is an opportunity not to be wasted, which also opens the door to the global financial market, Santokhi believes. He calls the G20 a global platform to solve current problems that hinder the growth of economies.

The president is convinced that India and Prime Minister Narendra Modi as chairman of the G20 will show the world the way to a fairer and more correct international system, both from a political and economic perspective, the Suriname Communications Service reports.

Referring to the economic developments in India, Santokhi speaks of a success story that should be included in the promising future of sustainable development and growth. He notes that a model has been delivered that is bold, innovative and future-oriented. With the financial, economic and above all social foundations, the foundation has been laid for improved and sustainable economic development. According to the president, sustainable development cannot be achieved without a solid partnership between the public and private sectors and without targeted investments in social and physical infrastructure.

Pres: “I am therefore not surprised that India is chairing the G20, which it has taken over from another emerging economy, Indonesia.” The head of state adds that the theme chosen by India: One world, one family and one future also says enough about the country’s development vision.






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