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Suriname has sufficient potential for export of fruit and vegetables

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Minister Parmanand Sewdien of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries (LVV) says that Suriname has sufficient potential to export vegetables, fruit, fish and meat to other countries. The LVV CEO, mentioned further that Barbados has a huge demand for fish, vegetables and fruit from Suriname. And the intention is that these are sent dry. They need to discuss when the shipment of the first container would be sent to Barbados.

The farmers of Barbados are looking for fertile agricultural land and according to minister Sewdien, Suriname has sufficient land to make it available to Barbados. There are various options for Suriname to make agriculture a successful export product, the minister notes.

In the past ten to twelve years, many cases have been lost due to the lack of framework. It is important that efforts are made to double rice production in Suriname. Expansions must be made to increase production. Work will also be carried out on the pumping stations.

According to the minister, district Nickerie is actively busy with regard to planting areas. Work will be carried out on the pumping stations in Wakay in the Nickerie district. Within two years it should be possible that Suriname can start enjoying the extra production of rice.








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