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“Suriname deserves much better,” says Bouva

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The administration has failed to prioritize the needs of society. That is what NDP lawmaker Melvin Bouva says, who is both upset and alarmed about the state of the nation under the current administration. He considers how the country’s situation has gotten worse in the three years since the elections. He talks about reducing subsidies, the state of healthcare, the cost of basic necessities, and adhering to an IMF program. The latter was supposed to revive the economy, but looking back, the macroeconomic repercussions show that it was a complete failure.

Bouva is certain that the results of the elections in 2025 will be entirely different from those of the elections in 2020. “I don’t think the Surinamese will ever again be duped by the various promises we have witnessed.” According to the MP, this coalition has been the worst option when all is said and done.

A lot of the promises have the reverse effect. He talks of “rescuing the economy in 200 days,” unreturned diaspora capital, investors in line, and increased purchasing power. This coalition has been the worst alternative to the NDP because of this. The elections will reveal that, but the public would prefer to declare it now rather than later. Bouva predicts that in the near future, humanity will make another grand effort to confront civilization. But, he calls and warns the people not to be deceived.

Despite the situation, the politician hopes that in the remaining time the government will be able to bring about changes in fundamental matters that are badly needed by society. However, the nature of the government makes him question this. “But Suriname earns much more, where people can live in a decent way.”





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