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TotalEnergies overweegt uitstel van eerste olie-ontwikkeling...

Tijdens een recente winstconferentie over het vierde kwartaal van 2023, heeft de Chief Executive Officer van TotalEnergies, Patrick Pouyanne, aangegeven dat het uitstellen van de eerste olie-ontwikkel...

The SLM in Suriname has just reported that the ‘Arena Group’ is the new name under which the services provided by the well-known SurAir Cargo, SurAir Catering and SurAir Ground Services will be offered. This new structure is part of Surinam Airways’ recovery plan, which has been approved by the shareholder. By implementing this new structure, a group of companies is established with proper financial management and sustainable business operations.

The recovery plan aims, among other things, to modernize business processes and work to attract the right people in the right places, with good qualities, while maintaining the operation despite the daily challenges the company faces.

Several entities will be created in this process. The privatization of these companies will ensure the potential to enter into sustainable partnerships at national and international level. Successful entrepreneurship means having a crystal-clear vision of the future. However, a vision for the future can only be realized with financially sound business operations. With the formal start of the Arena Group, an important step has been taken today in the process from vision to realization. The reorganized corporate structure will continue to take shape in the coming weeks.



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