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Supreme Court Decision

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The country is now in a challenging situation as a result of the Constitutional Court’s (CHof) decision, which should not be understated. Vice President Ronnie Brunswijk mentioned this on Saturday during a meeting of the ABOP. According to Brunswijk, the issue is that there is currently no law governing election administration. Parts of the Electoral Regulations have been deemed invalid as a result of the CHof’s ruling.

The ABOP chief suggests that there is a problem for the nation. On what needs to change and how it needs to change, no decision has been taken as of yet. The distribution of seats, especially in the Coronie constituency, could lead to significant controversy, Brunswijk warned those in attendance. The vice president claims that early plans state that Coronie will no longer hold a seat.

Brunswijk asserts that he had forewarned of this. At the time, it was interpreted as a threat to institutions and as using force, although that is not at all the case. Brunswijk said that his remark was merely a precaution to prevent unpleasantness. “I wanted to warn against putting the nation in the predicament it is in right now.”

According to Brunswijk, the CHof has made a decision, and it is now up to the government to establish and put into place a new system. He claims that Suriname does not currently have a voting system. Brunswijk stressed the importance of not underestimating this issue.

In order to reform the system, 34 votes in parliament are required. He claims that almost a year has passed and that there is still no sign of when the electoral system will alter. The vice president claims that the CHof’s action is detrimental to the nation’s future growth.

Political organizations find it challenging since they also need to understand how to get ready for the elections. So that the situation is not fully stalled at the last minute, he requests that the National Assembly’s chairman come to work as soon as possible. According to Brunswijk, this won’t be beneficial for the democracy in our nation.









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