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Supporters are advised not to take part in any street protests by Brunswijk

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Vice president and ABOP chairman Ronnie Brunswijk has pleaded with his followers to be patient. He urges his supporters not to take part in the street protests that are taking place. Because the government won’t leave, there is no use in off the power. This was a question that Brunswijk posed on Saturday night at a gathering at the Ramgoelamweg in Latour. In the ghetto, the party marked its 33rd anniversary.

Brunswijk claims to comprehend the populace’s annoyance. The cost of goods at the stores is very expensive. People are impoverished. He is open about the fact that he is against the IMF. The president has requested that the IMF be given an opportunity to revive the economy, though. With all the precautions being implemented, nevertheless, the people are having a really difficult time. It will only grow worse if he quits the administration. He exhorts the populace to persevere and have confidence in the executive branch.

The ABOP chief thinks that protesting now won’t lead to a solution. You must give the government a chance to change the course of the nation. More than half of the period of office has already elapsed, Brunswijk informs his audience. The people will elect the government on May 25, 2025. Even if more people take to the streets, nothing will change.

As stated by party secretary and Assembly Chairman Marinus Bee, Brunswijk, the ABOP has operated under three presidents. First, in 2005 under President Ronald Venetiaan, then in 2010 under Desi Bouterse, most recently under Chan Santokhi. The party aspires to the “next level,” where working under the leadership of a president from another party is no longer essential. Then, says Brunswijk, much more can be done for the populace.





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