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Support for Suriname’s journalism from the Netherlands

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Eerste oplevering weg naar Ricanaumofo een feit

Minister Riad Nurmohamed van Openbare Werken (OW) heeft het eerste gedeelte van de weg naar Ricanaumofo in het district Marowijne geopend. Dit project, dat oorspronkelijk werd gestart op zaterdag 30 a...

From April 1 of the following year, journalists from Surinamese media may apply for funds to do research. A fund will be established to provide financial assistance to journalists in Suriname. Over the following three years, this program will be financed with more than 100,000 euros by the Democracy and Media Foundation (SDM) in Amsterdam. In addition to the grant, a network of mentors from the Dutch-language media is being established who may provide Surinamese colleagues assistance.

Through a local autonomous foundation that will be established, the project’s implementation will be in Surinamese hands. Projecta, a company that works at the nexus of human rights, democracy, and good governance, is involved in this. Dutch journalists with prior experience in Suriname took the initiative to create the Stimulation Funds for Journalism in Suriname. Poor salary and a high talent turnover rate are problems for journalism in that nation.

The SDM promotes democratic rule of law and independent, critical journalism. She is a member of the Het Parool Foundation, established in 1944 by the creators of the covert resistance publication. The Correspondent and DPG Media are just two of the media companies in which the foundation has invested its resources.

The “Check, check, and doublecheck” conference, which was held in Suriname in June 2019, served as the catalyst for the initiative to promote Surinamese media. The Surinamese Association of Journalists, publishers, editors-in-chief, and journalists themselves contributed to its creation. The mentors will be chosen from among seasoned Dutch-speaking journalists who are familiar with Suriname.

Roy Khemradj, a radio journalist and former board member of the Stimulation funds for Journalistic Sheila Sitalsing, a journalist and economist, Jessica Swinkels, a former director of the Fund for Special Journalistic Projects, and Jeroen Trommelen, a former editor-in-chief of the research platform Investico and a former reporter for the de Volkskrant in Suriname, make up the Dutch initiative






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