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Successful completion of government communication training for cabinet employees

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A professionalization process has been started by the President’s Cabinet to achieve a considerable improvement in government communication. The Office of the President’s workers had access to two training sessions thanks to the initiative of quality manager Shanylla Santokhi.

The “Government communication professionals” 6-day training course was offered with the intention of giving staff members all the resources necessary to perform the work properly. There was a pre-selection for this training. The whole personnel of the Office of the President also received a 2-day “Customer Service” training with the goal of supplying the fundamental components in the role of customer-oriented communication.

Ms. Angela van der Kooye of the Center for Communication & Public Relations gave both training sessions (CCPR). The staff members also learnt how to handle crisis communication, use social media, and create excellent press releases in addition to the tips and tricks. The trainees also participated in presentations and practical work tasks throughout the theory.

After passing a test at the conclusion of these lengthy training sessions, the graduates were given certificates. According to the trainees’ opinion, it was a very demanding procedure that was both fun and enlightening. The cabinet wishes to keep offering these training sessions in the upcoming years so that the public can receive information from the government in a high-quality and high-quality manner.






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