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Substantial committee for security at Pengel airport

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Bekend is geworden dat door de instorting van de mijnschacht in het Matawaigebied, Suriname geconfronteerd wordt met een ramp, waarbij minstens veertien mannen binnen korte tijd het leven hebben gelat...

President Chan Santokhi has installed the Platform Security and Safety Johan Adolf Pengel Airport (PBVJAP). In order to promote an integrated approach to combating terrorism, order and security, combating crime and border control. The platform has been appointed for 12 months.

The members are Shivanand Ramlall (Chairman), Vijay Chotkan (Vice-Chairman), Carmen Van Dijk (Secretary), Mr Lilian Dankerlui (Defence), Renaldus Kasijo (SLM), Anand Bansraj (KLM/American Airlines), Cherida Dragman (KPS), Quinsny Abelinti (TCT), Shailesh Dhanai (PIU), Cosmo Wong (CASAS), Cindy Toemin (Suriname Air Service), Rajinderkoemar Panchoe (Airport Security Care and Hope), Charda Girwar (Customs).

The head of state has stated that the platform will have to serve as a central governance model based on equality and commitment from all parties involved. “This envisages a joint approach to the security and public safety of Johan Adolf Pengel Airport. With the possibility to travel to Suriname visa-free, the security of the airport is of paramount importance to society.”

The platform will also ensure an integrated approach, reports the Suriname Communications Service. To this end, five working groups will be established, each of which will be chaired by a chairman who will report to the presidential commission on a regular basis. These are the Security and Counterterrorism working groups; Crime, Order and Security; Border and Freight; Border and Passengers; Common CCTV infrastructure. The president says he counts on the maximum commitment of the members so that Suriname can comply with all international security protocols and standards at our international airport and environment.





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