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Students were caught using alcohol and drugs

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Students who used drugs and drink were caught. They played risk-taking games as well. Reginald Nibte and Rudi Tevreden, the neighborhood administrators of Uitvlugt, were informed that there was a concentration of students from the nearby schools (Natin, Havo, and STS 2) on Ramsoedhweg.

The Duisburglaan monitoring team members and neighborhood managers went to the location to conduct a check. A couple of them were able to slip out through an escape route when they observed the police. The police also discovered a few mopeds that were missing their paperwork.

According to police Public Relations, these mopeds were hauled away to a storage facility by a towing firm and will be returned to their rightful owners once they can produce the required documentation.

When students have free lessons periods, the police are once more urging the administration of the school to take additional action. They have been discovered to take advantage of the free lesson periods to engage in criminal activity.





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