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Students O.S. Tout Luit Faut daily return to school

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Now, O.S. Tout Luit Faut students can attend class every day. The school’s annex has undergone renovation and expansion. The new locations enable youngsters to visit their schools every day. O.S. Tout Luit Faut students attend class every other day due to the overcrowded classes.

Asis Gajadien, the initiative’s initiator and a member of the Assembly, claims that he was approached by a student who desired to attend the school each day. Work has been done to renovate the outdated school building that serves as the annex of O.S. Tout Luit Faut in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Science, and Culture, the religious organization Arya Pratinidhi Sabha, and sponsor Kuldipsingh Group. The Suriname Communications Service states that two new classrooms, an office, and restrooms have been installed in addition to the remodeling.

Ad-interim Krishna Matoera, Minister of Education, Science, and Culture, is delighted with the outcome brought about by the successful collaboration of all parties. According to the minister, it is a good illustration of how issues may be resolved if we focus on what is crucial. Students in grades 2 through 5 or years 4, 5, 6, and 7 have space available in the building. Further classrooms will be constructed so that the annex can operate as a separate school.





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