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Students from Guyana attend the Court of Justice

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On Tuesday, April 4, 2023, 16 students and teachers from Christianburg Wismar Secondary School in Guyana visited the Court of Justice as part of an educational excursion. Through an exchange program and cultural diplomacy, the excursion’s goal was to provide students with the chance to learn about Suriname’s culture, population, education, constitution, and judicial system.

They were given a tour of the different Paramaribo courthouses. The district court clerk, Mr. S. Simboedathpanday, addressed them when they arrived at the courthouses on the Grote Combéweg and the Mgr. Wulfinghstraat. He gave the students an explanation of the court system, including the number of judges and clerks. The pupils had the chance to ask questions as well.

They entered the building on Independence Square, took a seat in the courtroom, and were given some background information about the history of the structure by Mrs. N. Vreedzaam, Coordinator of the Court of Justice’s Communication Unit. They also studied how Suriname’s legal system differs from Guyana’s in terms of how it operates. After that, students were free to ask any questions they needed to regarding anything. The historical significance of the building greatly impressed the students. Before they departed, they got a gift.




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