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Student Village Campus requires renovation

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At the student housing campus village on the grounds of the Anton de Kom University of Suriname (AdeKUS), not everything happens as planned. Minister of Education, Science, and Culture (minOWC) Henri Ori makes this claim. Prior to the opening of the Council of Ministers (RvM) meeting on Wednesday, the minister announced that the entire campus will be evaluated.

The government has been requested to provide funding for the building renovations. Before the start of the next academic year, the ministry hopes to begin this.

It has been agreed with the head of state to set up a committee to evaluate matters and at the same time to propose solution models for the problems facing the campus. The complex is intended to accommodate students from distant districts.

In 2019, the first rooms were made available for a certain amount. In that year, 312 students were allocated a room. The LR Group was responsible for the construction of the student flats.

According to former vice president Ashwin Adhin, the student flats are built according to international standards. The minOWC will also make policy with regard to the university’s higher scientific framework.






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