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Stg. Isabelle is supported by the Ministry of Health

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Online portaal Belastingdienst verbeterd

Het online portaal van de Belastingdienst Suriname is op maandag 30 januari jongstleden verbeterd. Dit zorgt voor meer mogelijkheden binnen het portaal. Tijdens de werkzaamheden was het portaal gedure...

Following the conversation between the father of child Isabelle van de Leuv and the Minister of Health, Amar Ramadhin on December 19, 2022, which discussed, among other things, the support of the ministry to Stg. Isabelle was sent a letter of support on Tuesday, January 17, 2023 handed over to parents of van de Leuv by Ramadhin.

The organization was founded with the intention of giving needy children in shelters as much assistance as possible by the parents of Isabelle van de Leuv. The ministry promises to support the foundation as much as it can and, when appropriate, to work with it on collaborative projects while keeping the foundation’s goals in mind. With this backing, the ministry and the parents of van de Leuv both hope to carry on in a productive, but most importantly optimistic way.

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