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Steven Gonesh Acting CEO SLM

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Steven Gonesh is provisionally charged with the leadership of the SLM. The government said that he has been appointed Vice President Operations and acting general manager of the Surinamese Aviation Company (SLM) for two months. Besides Gonesh, Messrs Baidjoe, Vrede and Laigsingh will also be part of the interim management team. In the meantime, Paul de Haan has submitted his letter of resignation as director. Xaviera Jessurun has also resigned from her position as chairman of the supervisory board.

Steven Gonesh acting CEO of the Surinamese Luchtvaart Maatschappij and his interim management team will be working together during the two months period to complete the current affairs and to carry out the day-to-day management. And also to do everything possible for an efficient transition to the new situation.

The current supervisory board will continue to function, only Ganesh Laigsingh has been asked to fill the position of acting chairman of the supervisory board now that Xaviera Jessurun has made her position available. The collaboration with Prenobe Bissessur has also ended. According to the government, matters have occurred outside the shareholder and the cluster team of ministers and Bissessur has gone far beyond its competences.

The government emphasizes that it wants to give the Public Prosecution Service plenty of room to complete the investigation that has been started at the SLM. As long as that is going on, there must be peace in the interest of society, but also of society. In recent months, a lot of work has been done on a recovery plan and work is continuing on this.

From the start, a cluster of ministers has been involved in the development and implementation of this plan. In governing council the president stated that they all want one thing and that is to save the SLM and the focus is therefore on that they will do what they have to do to realize this. In the meantime, the cluster team of ministers and the interim management are examining which decisions should be formalized via the supervisory board. Furthermore, it was requested to make all relevant information available for the DNA meeting to be held in the General Committee on 30 August about the SLM. While this process is taking place, work is underway on the leadership of the new SLM.






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