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Start of Suriname’s Tourism Month in 2023

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The Tourism Month Suriname 2023 has begun, according to the Culture Directorate of the Ministry of Transport, Communication, and Tourism (TCT). In conjunction with World Tourism Day on September 27, this timeframe runs from September 1 to September 30.

On September 1, TCT Minister Albert Jubithana, Tourism Director Rabin Buddha, and Commewijne District Commissioner Mohamedsafiek Radjab attended the kick-off at the Lalla Rookh building. Tourism-related activities won’t start until at most the 27th of the month.

During the kick-off, a panel discussion took place, so that the public was more informed about what Suriname has to offer in the field of tourism and what opportunities this sector itself offers. In addition, those present were also allowed to debate on the topics related to the annual theme, namely: “Tourism & Green Investment”.

The panel included Dinesh Ramlal (board member of the Suriname Tourism Foundation), Sirano Zaalman (CEO of Access Suriname Travel) and fashion designer Zoë Heyns. Those present also included players from the tourism sector, such as owners of leisure resorts and restaurants.

The evening went beyond expectations and the input from both the private and public sector was overwhelming. “The intention was to create more attention for tourism in Suriname. This is a step towards bundling the tourism sector. We have come together and are now going to see what we can do to better promote Suriname, earn more in the tourism sector and how we can work together better,” says Ruben Forster, coordinator Tourism Nickerie. He states that efforts are also being made to create awareness in the field of tourism. In particular, there must be knowledge about what Suriname has to offer in, for example, the districts of Nickerie and Saramacca.

“What we now want is for all districts to determine tourism and for society to become acquainted with it. We have already started to place the activities of the different districts on the website www.suriname.travel. There you can view the activities per district,” explains the coordinator.

Jo-ann Misiekaba, deputy director of the Directorate Tourism announces a large Surinamese festival in the context of World Tourism Day, to which various cultures, districts and the business community will contribute. Part of this event will be a Kids Area where children will be able to get acquainted with tourism in a creative way.










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